Welcome to Smart Tec

We empower the world

Smart Tec was founded in January 2021.

Our mission is to empower the world with the required products and services.

We offer products in the following fields:

1- Electricity

2- Lifts & Elevators

3- Oil and Gas Industry, Materials & Equipment, Automation & Control.

4- Surveillance cameras

We offer the service of Engineering drawing, and are specialists in Electrical drawing and Elevators Technical Drawing, using :

1- AutoCAD

2- Caneco

3- Revit

In Smart Tec, our customers are our obsession. We have dedicated our mission to satisfy customers and deliver speed in performance.


Tanios Rizkallah, Who is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer for over 25 years, founded the company in January 2021, believing in the customer-obsession culture & putting his long technical and administrative expertise at the service of the customer.

Tanios Rizkallah has technical expertise in Electrical Engineering, Elevators, Oil & Gas Industry, Surveillance Cameras, and Engineering Design drawing.